We are accustomed to using very different materials for our production: die-cast and extruded aluminium, wood and laminate, leather, textiles and upholsteries. Over the years, we have gained a good experience in managing the production chain. We create pieces that must carry out their function without deteriorating, because high quality guarantees full satisfaction to the customer and allows the company to go ahead regularly with its projects.

Quality means accurate control over each phase, from reception of the goods which will be handled by production departments to packaging and delivering. This is a vital concept for our organisation, because we are convinced that the only way to guarantee absolute quality in the final product is to monitor each step closely.

In Milan area there is a very particular industrial mindset because most of the best Italian suppliers, who guarantee high technical and productive competence, are located in this area. We entrust them with making our components, which then we assemble in our plant. This method ensures that we have absolute control over the quality of our products.

This production procedure guarantees a high level of flexibility and an extraordinary ability to adapt to the requests of both the customer and the market. Thanks to this new concept, we can provide a high level solution to any production need.


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