Quality and environmental policy

ICF is an Italian company that, for more than fifty years, has been designing and manufacturing office products that stand out for their harmonious forms, quality, ergonomics and style.
Products made by ICF are the fruit of a long-standing industrial tradition, that has made the "Made in Italy" label great, together with ongoing productive and industrial innovation aimed at comfort, functionality, and duration over time.

In the context in which ICF S.p.A. operates, the following internal and external factors are considered important:

  • The organisation, structured to have a budget defined on a yearly basis, and periodically monitored, provides solidity in strategic choices and makes it possible to make investments. 
  • The versatility of the product and its productive flexibility are a strong point in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. 
  • Training and high level of specialisation among staff, in addition to selecting and monitoring highly specialised suppliers, are at the foundation of the quality of the finished product.
  • Correct management of the waste produced as a highly relevant aspect in environmental terms.
  • Attention to environmental conservation and preventing pollution are:
    • Spread by internal personnel through an increase in awareness in terms of conscious and virtuous habits in managing all company activities that may have an impact on the environment.
    • Transmitted to the client through information on disposal of the purchased product at the end of its life cycle, in compliance with the corresponding regulations, and using FSC material for communication tools.
    • Considered during the design phase, considering alternatives in the design and materials available on the market, that make it possible to balance functionality, long life, and aesthetics, with the need for a product that is easier to recycle.


The CdA (Board of Administrators) and the Managing Director of ICF formulate objectives in terms of Quality and the Environment when defining the annual budget and aiming improvements at:

  • ongoing commitment to listening to and satisfying the customers' needs
  • dedication to guaranteeing product conformity with current regulations and with the customers' requirements
  • dedication to guaranteeing compliance with national and local legislation and other standards and requirements signed by the company in the environmental field
  • tenacity in ongoing improvement of all company processes, without losing site of monitoring the consumption of resources
  • involvement of all personnel and collaborators/suppliers so that managerial objectives are understood and have an actual effect on work activities
  • privileged collaboration with suppliers located in the vicinity of the company, both to contain emission into the atmosphere derived from the pollution of transport vehicles and to optimise manufacturing/delivery times
  • ongoing commitment to reducing mixed waste through increasing differentiation of goods and the subsequent improvement of waste recyclability.
These principles are brought to reality through the achievement of pre-established objective that are periodically verified and updated in relation to the actual situation during the course of periodical management reviews. 

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